Frequently Asked Questions

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We open the event with our Pitch Day where 100 startups will pitch their ideas to investors, incubators, accelerators and corporate executives. Then on the second day, we will have a MatchMaking day that will allow interested parties to have a 1-on-1 meeting for funding possibilities. At the Summit Networking Drinks, you can network with investors, venture capitalists, and the entrepreneurial community. Startups also have the potential to earn thousands of dollars in services.

Startups will present their ideas to investors, incubators, accelerators and corporate executives during a three-minute pitch. After the pitch, investors, incubators, accelerators, and corporate executives will engage in a Q&A session with each startup.

MatchMaking Day is an event designed to get startups in front of investors, business owners, and the entrepreneurial community. During this second day, startups will get a chance to win complimentary services, get funding or receive mentoring.

The Pitch Deck Summit Organizing Committee only grants access to submitted executive summaries and pitch decks to the members of its selection committee. Steps are taken to limit access to the submitted executive summaries.

The selection committee of the Pitch Deck Summit are venture capitalists, investors, accelerators, corporate executives, and lawyers who are used to dealing with confidential material on a regular basis.

They all sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement, available upon request. However, if you believe some information might be too sensitive (because of a pending patent for example), we advise that you get legal advice from someone within your institution. If you do not have access to legal counsel, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

  • Deadline for applications is October 31st.
  • Approval for Startups is 2 weeks after applying.
  • Final Startup list will be announced November 22nd.
  • Pitch Slot selection deadline November 29th.
  • Pitch Deck delivery deadline is on November 29th.
  • Pitch Day is on December 11th.
  • MatchMaking Day is on December 12th.

We don’t recommend it. You should pick your favorite idea and apply with that one.

Sure. We have many companies who have already raised over $1M, just as long as you haven’t raised more than $2M.

Yes. If you’ve applied before and not gotten in, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Having made progress since your last application is a strong signal for us.

We don’t get directly involved with visas, but we have a list good immigration lawyers. Getting a visa for the event is rarely a problem.